Thursday, 13 August 2009


Got this back in response.

"Thank you for your feed back but as explained to you earlier by myself on the phone this is NOT door to door sales and is for a managers job within our company.

Thank you for your response and for letting us know that you will not be attending the interview tomorrow."

Regards and good luck in the future.

Angela Rose
Office Manager
Dylan James Management Ltd"

What she fails to mention is that I would have been responsible for dispatching the proffesional Granny bulliers known as field representatives, as she highlighted during my call to them earlier. Don't let yourselves be fooled by these people, they're a bunch of cretinous scumholes, who'll do anything to scam you and the public out of money. Watch out for the Cobra group as well, it's all the same shit, designed to trick gullible people into signing their lives away.

Anyway, normal service shall return shortly.


  1. thanks for this as i was going to attend an interview and now i will not be turning up for it.

  2. u snooze u looze .... every 1 at xln are on salary now .... if ure not good enough then you wont get paid end of its a job not fuckin boot camp

  3. lol i have worked in sales all my life (im 25 now) and my jobs include arcedia, cobra group and i now run a business that sells XLN products.
    I feel these companies could be a little more transparent with new recruits re: wages etc however "the big dog" is correct...sadly the majority of applicants are not prepared to work for their money...sales is NOT this evil game people seem to confuse it for, yes you have your good and your bad people but in reality, these schemes are not a scam...more like the best environment to learn the art of sales. if you had a brain you would have proved you could do it and could have been granted a decent basic salary or even used your head and opened an account with the supplier direct and built your own firm.

    I employ sales reps on a decent basic salary and i dont implement the "hire and fire, nazi-like regime" that other sales manager put into place....its now christmas and my business has made no money in 4 weeks as people take the piss, I now realise exactly why people are employed on commission only and why such a harsh regime is required, anyone decent and good at their job should be treated like gold dust and looked after with basic salary etc. simple

    it's not for everyone, no hard feelings.